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Welcome to Pomp & Show events, the best event management company in Kolkata. We are a team of passionate and experienced professionals who strive to create memorable Kolkata event for our clients. Over the years, we have earned the trust and loyalty of many people by delivering outstanding results in planning an unforgettable event and exceeding their expectations. Our team comprises skilled professionals who work together to ensure that every event is executed flawlessly. We understand that every event is unique and requires a personalized approach, which is why we offer customized event management services that make your event incredibly wonderful. We aim to make the event planning process as stress-free as possible so that you can enjoy every single moment of your special event with your friends and family.

We believe in making strong relationships by listening to your needs. Thus, we invite you to experience the magic of our social events and join our long list of satisfied clients. Contact us today to discuss your event needs and let us take care of the rest.

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Services Of Top Event Organisers In Kolkata

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Let us help you plan the wedding of your dreams! Our wedding planner will work with you to design the perfect ceremony and reception that reflects your unique style and vision.

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Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Impress your clients and employees with a professionally organized product launch event. We specialize in creating corporate event management that align with your company's goals and objectives.

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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your loved one's special day in style with our birthday party planning services. Our birthday party organisers can help you plan the perfect party that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

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Games &  Activities

Games & Activities

Games & Activities

Looking to organize an entertainment event to keep your guests entertained? We have a variety of options to make your events memorable and full of joy.

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Anniversary Planning

Anniversary Planning

Anniversary Planning

Whether you're celebrating your first or fiftieth anniversary, our wedding planners in Kolkata can help you plan the perfect event to honor your love and commitment. 

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Exclusive Events Planned By Best Event Management Company In Kolkata

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Why Choose Us As The Best Event Management Company In Kolkata?

Stress-free Events

We’re known as one of the leading event management companies in Kolkata because we ensure that our clients get the best event services in Kolkata. We understand the pressure that comes with planning and executing a successful event. That's why we prioritize stress-free events by taking care of all the details, so you can relax and enjoy the event.

Budget-Friendly Services

Our budget-friendly services ensure that you can get high-quality event planning services without breaking the bank. We offer you event planning packages according to your custom requirements that fit your budget and also exceed your expectations.

Time Management

Time management plays a crucial role in planning a successful event. This is why our event coordinator works diligently to ensure that everything is completed on schedule. Let us take care of everything, so you can enjoy your special event to the fullest!

Handling Unforeseen Situation

We also recognize that unforeseen situations can arise during an event, and we are prepared to handle them quickly and efficiently, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Visually Appealing Themes

We specialize in creating visually appealing themes that capture the essence of the event and create a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Reduce Workload

Our goal is to reduce our workload by taking on as much responsibility as possible so that you can enjoy every single moment of your special event.

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Features That Define Our Quality Event Management In Kolkata


Known as one of the renowned event management companies, we come up with unique and creative ideas for events that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. We have a team of creative professionals who are skilled at managing events into a spectacular and memorable experience.

Attention to Detail

A professional event management requires an eye for detail and being one of the top Kolkata event Management Companies, we have a team of professionals who excel in this area. We pay attention to every little detail, from the choice of venue to the color of the napkins, to ensure that the event runs smoothly and your guests have a seamless experience.


We are top event organizers in Kolkata who is flexible and adaptable, able to handle any unexpected changes or challenges that may arise during the planning and execution of an event. We are skilled at thinking of unique ideas and finding creative solutions to all event-related problems.

Strong Communication

Communication is key when it comes to planning an extraordinary We keep our clients informed every step of the way, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that there are no surprises on the day of the event. We take time to understand your vision by discussing every point that can turn out to be the biggest element in making your event a grand success.


We are known for providing best event management services in Kolkata because we have an extensive network of contacts that can help make any event a huge success. We know who to call for everything from catering to entertainment; this is why people trust us for making their event successful.

Save Your Money

We believe that a limited budget should not stop you from planning a memorable event. We have a team of experienced professionals who specialize in working with clients on tight budgets to create events that are not only memorable but also cost-effective.

best event planning company
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Why You Must Hire Best Event Management Company In Kolkata?

If you have an event to host, then you will need Kolkata best event management company like Pomp & Show. Why? Well, it is because your guests will be happy and you will be able to preserve some beautiful memories for a lifetime. At host events that are sure to exceed your expectations. We have a proven track record of success, with a portfolio of famous events that range from small intimate gatherings to large-scale corporate events. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, creativity, and exceptional customer service. When you hire us as your event planner, you can relax and enjoy the event knowing that every detail has been taken care of. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you plan a memorable event at an affordable rate!

Add Personal Touches To Your Beautiful Event With Top Event Organisers In Kolkata!

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Types Of Events Organized By Top Event Planners In Kolkata


Whether you're planning a small intimate gathering or a grand celebration, we'll work with you to create a wedding that is as unique and special as you are.

Corporate Events

As a leading event planner, we know that your event is a reflection of your brand and your company. That's why we'll work closely with you and offer corporate service that is tailored to your needs.

Birthday Parties

Birthdays are special occasions that should be celebrated in style. From the decorations to the entertainment, we'll take care of every detail, so you can relax and enjoy the birthday party with your loved ones in the city of Kolkata


We believe that every milestone in a couple's journey deserves to be celebrated specially. Our team will work with you to create an event that reflects your unique love story and celebrates your journey together.

Musical Events

Our team of experienced event planners will help you create a musical extravaganza that will be remembered for years to come. We can take care of everything from choosing the venue, booking the performers, and managing the logistics to ensure an unforgettable event.

Sports Events

We can help you organize small local tournament or sports event. We have the expertise to plan and execute a successful event. From managing the venue to handling the technical aspects of the event, we can help you in all aspects.

best event planning company
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Work Process Of Best Event Management Company In Kolkata


We understand that planning an event involves a multitude of tasks. That is why we make comprehensive plans that account for every detail of an event, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

Market Research:

By conducting thorough market research, we gain valuable insights. This knowledge enables us to design events that not only meet but exceed our client's expectations.

Budget Analysis:

In this process, our event managers works with you to create a budget that meets your requirements and helps you plan a memorable event without spending too much.


In the implementation phase, all our planning and preparation come together which results in extraordinary events. We take every step to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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What Includes In The Services Of Best Event Management Company In Kolkata?

Venue Decoration

A beautifully decorated venue sets the tone for the event. That is why we create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests and transform the space into a stunning backdrop for your event.

Floral Arrangements

We offer a variety of floral arrangements to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your event. From elegant centerpieces to bold statement pieces, we can help you select the perfect floral arrangements that complement your theme.


The right lighting can make a significant difference in the ambiance of your event. So, whether you want a soft, romantic atmosphere or a vibrant and colorful party atmosphere, we are ready to work on any lighting theme.

Theme Selection

Selecting a theme that reflects your personality and vision is crucial to creating a memorable event. That is why we work closely with you to choose a theme that captures your style and enhances the overall experience for your guests.


Good food is an essential aspect of any event, and we offer a range of delightful cuisine that can satisfy all taste buds. We can help you design a menu that reflects your style and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Sound & DJ

We professional sound and DJ services to keep your guests entertained throughout the event. From creating a playlist that matches your theme to providing top-notch sound equipment, we can take care of all your sound and DJ needs.


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FAQs About Best Event Management Company In Kolkata, West Bengal

Why Should I Hire The Best Event Management Company In Kolkata?

Hiring the best event companies can help you plan and execute a successful event that exceeds your expectations. They can save you time, money, and stress while ensuring that your event is unforgettable for all the right reasons.

What Types Of Services Are Offered By The Best Event Management Companies In Kolkata?

The best event management company mainly offers best quality services that include wedding décor, theme selection, venue selection, catering, lighting, guest management, and many more.

How Early Should We Hire An Event Planner In Kolkata?

Experts suggest that you should hire an event planner one year before to plan a hassle-free and memorable event.

What Are The Different Types Of Events Organized By An Event Planner In Kolkata?

The top event management companies in Kolkata organize events like weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, anniversaries, and entertainment shows.

Do Event Planning Companies In Kolkata Offer Catering Services?

Yes, many event management companies in Kolkata offer catering services as part of their event planning services.

What Is The Average Cost Of Hiring The Best Event Planner In Kolkata?

To hire the best event management company in Kolkata, you have to spend up to INR 6 lakhs or more depending upon your needs.

What Questions Should I Ask An Event Planner?

When looking for an event planner in Kolkata, it's essential to ask the right questions to ensure that they understand your event's goals and vision and have the experience and resources necessary to make your event a success. You can ask them about their experience in event planning, the services offered, the process of planning an event, and their pricing structure.

Do Top Event Management Company In Kolkata Help With Budget?

Yes, hiring the best event planner can help you with event budgeting. A professional event planner understands the importance of working within a budget and can help you plan an event that meets your goals while staying within your budget.

What Are Some Latest Trends In Event Planning?

The event planning industry is constantly evolving, and there are always new trends and ideas emerging. Hybrid events, personalization, virtual reality, and augmented reality, outdoor events are some biggest examples of it.