18 Best Bridal Makeup Artist In Kolkata For Your Wedding

We understand how challenging it can be to find an experienced bridal makeup artist for your wedding. Here are the top 18 bridal makeup artists for you.

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We understand how challenging it can be to find an experienced bridal makeup artist for your wedding. Makeup for a wedding is significantly different from regular makeup. It requires a variety of techniques and steady hands. Although it's not particularly complex, it isn't simple either.  Finding a genuine bridal makeup artist might be difficult for a Bengali wedding planner in Kolkata in a market crowded with imitators. But if you reside in Kolkata, you no longer have to be concerned.

The following are the top 18 bridal makeup artists in Kolkata who can help you create the wedding look of your dreams chosen by wedding planner in Kolkata:

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1. Anubrati's Makeup Studio

In Kolkata, the Anubrati' s Makeup Studio And Academy, managed by Anubrati Chatterjee, is the go-to place and suggested by many budget wedding planner in Kolkata for Bengali bridal makeup artist in Kolkata, pre-wedding makeup, and party makeup. Anubrati' s Makeup Studio and Academy offers various types of cosmetics, including airbrush makeup, HD makeup, 3D, 4D.

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Anubrati Makeup Studio

2. Sharen Makeup Studio

One of the best makeup artist in Kolkata you can find is Sharmila Ganguly, the owner of Sharen Makeup Studio in Kolkata. She started her makeup studio Kolkata in 2017 and hasn't stopped since. Sharmila is a London College of Makeup graduate and an IMA-certified makeup artist.

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Best makeup artist in Kolkata

3. Abhijit Paul

Abhijit Paul is the perfect Kolkata bengali bridal makeup artist for you if your aim is to look like a fashion model on your wedding day. This Kolkata bridal makeup artist has experience working with a variety of actresses and models. You might get help with everything from Abhijit. He excels in delicate, simple makeup.

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4. Subham Chakraborty 

Shubham, a top makeup artist in Kolkata, believes that makeup is more than lipstick and mascara. The goal of bridal makeup is to make the bride feel confident and pleased. Because he is a master in Bengali traditional makeup, his brides always have a stunning look.

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Top makeup artist in Kolkata

5. Anirudh Chakladar

If you want to look like a goddess at your wedding, contact Anirudh as soon as possible as he is the best wedding makeup artist in Kolkata. He has more than 20 years of experience performing bridal makeup in Kolkata.

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Best wedding makeup artist in Kolkata

6. Prasenjit Biswas

We have the perfect makeup artist for you, fashionable brides. He has collaborated with a number of actresses, including Rima Sen, Kirti Kharbanda, and Riya Sen. Prasenjit should be your first pick for a makeup artist if you want to look picture-perfect at your wedding.

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7. Bhaskar Biswas 

The Bengali bride's eyes are the focal point of her makeup, and Bhaskar Biswas is skilled at making them look lovely. Bhaskar Biswas is the best when it comes to bridal makeup, pre-wedding makeup, and engagement makeup, wedding makeup artist Kolkata.

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8. Ujjwal Debnath 

One name that every Bengali bride is familiar with is Ujjwal Debnath. This makeup artist has magic and is one of the best Bengali bridal makeup artist in Kolkata. In addition to bridal cosmetics, Ujjwal also specializes in groom makeovers. The finest of both worlds is here! 

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Best Bengali bridal makeup artist

9. Nabin Das

Nabin Das is the obvious pick for the beautiful Bengali bride with deep kohled eyes and crimson lips. He has been a hair and makeup artist for a while, and his clients are always delighted with the results. He's also accessible for photo assignments for fashion.

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Bengali bride makeup artist

10. Abhijit Chanda 

Abhijit Chanda is the man for you if you're looking for the best bridal makeup artist in Kolkata. He will recommend the ideal look for you based on your skin tone and facial features. He is the makeup industry's Mr. Reliable.

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Best bridal makeup artist in Kolkata

11. Amit Das

Amit Das' transformational brush strokes are intended for brides who like a touch of heritage and culture in their bridal appearances. His major goal is to enhance a bride's personality with cutting-edge makeup techniques. In order to offset the contrast, he emphasizes matte facial makeup and thickly kohled eyes.

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Best mua in Kolkata

12. Kalpita de Sikder

Kalpita De Sikder, the owner of the Exotia Makéup Studió & Salón in Durgapur, believes in staying current with fashions like ombre hair colors and cutting-edge make-up procedures. The reason she continues to be a top bridal makeup artist in Kolkata among brides in West Bengal is her complete mastery over contouring and coloring the bride's face's canvas.


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Top bridal makeup artist in Kolkata

13. Kaushik Danda

His expertise with soft and subtle looks has made Kaushik Dada a famous makeup artist in Kolkata among local celebrities and designers in Kolkata. Kaushik is also popular for using different variations of the prominent red color to match the traditional wedding attire of a bride such as in the use of striking scarlet matte lip looks.

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Famous makeup artist in Kolkata

14. Arpita Ganguly

Arpita Ganguly gained experience by working for photographers, magazine shoots, and designers while receiving training from makeup guru Cory Walia. Today, her work can be found in numerous regional newspapers and, more significantly, on stunning local brides.
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Kolkata famous makeup artist

15. Pinky Das

Another reputable makeup artist in Kolkata who may fulfill your bridal fantasies is Pinky Das. She can assist you in demonstrating why you are the most distinctive bride-to-be. When it comes to wedding makeup, her intricate flair and top-notch service are the buzz of the town.

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Kolkata top makeup artist

16. Namrata's Studio

A young, well-known professional literally worked his way up the ranks of the field. He sees to it that his clients stand out from the competition. You'll find the cosmetics artist of your dreams at Namrata's Studio.

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17. The Glamorous Makeover Studio And Academy

One of Kolkata's greatest makeover studio is The Glamorous Makeover Studio And Academy. The owner carefully considers the needs of the women and gives them a stunning look for their wedding day.

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The Glamorous Makeover Studio And Academy

18. Debi’s Premier Makeup

Since 2009, Debi Das has earned a reputation as one of Kolkata's most reputable bridal makeup artists. The most stunning bride on her wedding day is one who has a mastery of bridal makeup. She offers a reasonable bridal package that starts at Rs. 10,000 because she is aware of what modern brides need.

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Kolkata best bridal makeup artist

These makeup artists are among the most well-known and skilled in Kolkata. The intricate customs and rich culture of Goddess Durga's homeland are respected by these artists. They've worked with a variety of brides for years. They are aware that every bride has individual needs. If you choose one of these incredible makeup artists to be your bridal MUA, you'll look your very best.