18+ Trending Cake Design Ideas For Engagement In The Coming Year

Discover the best ideas for engagement cake designs that will blow your mind and make your special evening a much more sweeter and phenomenal affair. 

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Alluring Cakes For Engagement Ceremonies

A mouthwatering and visually pleasing cake is a must to have on every occasion and if it's an engagement party then you surely can’t miss out on the cake. Pomp and Show Events have the best ideas for engagement cake designs for you to bite at after the party.

While there are plenty of wedding planners in Kolkata, it is important to check on the budget as a wedding means huge expenses. Pomp and Show Events is a budget wedding planner in Kolkata who can help you to get dreamy wedding plans and unique engagement cake designs on a low budget. 

It is always good to be sure, so do not forget to call up your wedding decorators in Kolkata and discuss with them the exact type of cake you want if your wedding is taking place in Kolkata.

Pexels decorative cake

Ideas For Engagement Cake Design - The Two-Tier Engagement Cake 

Who doesn’t love an extra layer of cake on their engagement? An extra layer can serve more people at the party and also is a perfect showstopper for your engagement.

Couple cutting cake

A Unique Engagement Cake With A Touch Of Bangaliyana

If you are a Bengali and planning to get an engagement party cake then this Bangaliyana engagement cake decoration is the best one for you to go with as it provides a unique idea for engagement cake design which everyone will love for sure.

Bengali themed cake

Floral Fondant Simple Engagement Cake Design

This cake is for the ones who want to keep it simple while having that beautiful floral touch on their engagement cake. You will surely love the minimalist details on the cakes if you are searching for ideas for engagement cake designs.

Cake cutting ceremony of couple

3-Tier Cake Designs For Engagement

If you want something big on your engagement day then look at this beautiful pastel-shaded three-tier engagement cake that will end your search immediately for ideas for engagement cake designs for sure.

Unsplash layered cake

White Coloured Ring Cake

The ring cake is one of the very popular engagement theme cakes that talks about the occasion with the details on the cake. 

Unsplash ring cake

Engagement Cake Design Without Fondant

While the fondant cake looks prettiest for its design and everything, we can’t deny that the cakes without fondant are much tastier in terms of that. 

Also, if you want to focus just on the taste of the cake more than the looks, then you will surely love this cake without fondant, as this is a lovely idea for engagement cake designs.

Pexels without fondant cake

The Signature Couple Cake For Engagement

If you are someone who’s looking for fancy engagement cake ideas then you will surely love this signature couple cake. This cake speaks more about the occasion through the couple tag on the top of the cake.

The Storytelling Cake Design

You and your partner will love this cake design as well as the taste if you are searching for a unique engagement cake design idea.

Pexels storytelling engagement cake

The Rich In Flavor Cake

We all love to eat foods that are rich in flavor and if you are someone among them then do try this cake for a blast of flavors in your cake.

Pexels purple color cake for engagement

The Fresh Fruit Cake

This cake is not just a treat to the eyes for its colorful appearance but is also as healthy to have with a taste that will make you feel fresh with the fruity charm.

Pexels fresh fruit cake

The Aesthetic “Engaged” Themed All White Cake

This cake is best to consider if you are searching for ideas for engagement cake designs with minimal detailing but with the exact intent to talk about the ceremony. 

You can add a few floral charms to the cake to overload it with fragrance.

Pexels engaged white cake with blue flowers

The Classic Chocolate Engagement Cake Design

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Well, We guess everyone loves chocolate and if you are one of them then we can suggest you go for the Chocolate cake as it is the latest engagement cake design in the town right now.

Pexels chocolate overloaded cake

The Single Layer Engagement Cake Design with Drawings

The details drawn on the cake will grab all the attention you want to have on your engagement to make the night more memorable.

Pexels single layer cake with drawing

The Heart-Shaped Cake Design

This cake is truly made for lovers who are filled with love and want to showcase the love to their partners in every moment.

Pexels heart-shaped cake

The Overloaded-Themed Cake

This cake is one of the best engagement cake designs as it is overloaded with flavors. Another wish factor about this cake is that you can add different flavors in each tier.

So, is this cake a must on your checklist already?

Pexels four layer cake with flavors

The Floral Printed Cake

This engagement cake design is unique as no detailings have been made on the cake but all the love has been put through the painting on the cake.

Pexels floral printed cake

Round-Shaped Engagement Cake

If you are someone who wants to go offbeat with the shape of your engagement cake, then try the round cake for your engagement to make it look extraordinary.

Pexels round white cake

A Hollow-Shaped Round Cake

Everyone might not consider ordering this cake for their engagement party due to its different look. But trust us, this is one of the best if you want rich dry fruit cake flavors.

The Golden Foiled Cake

Well, this cake is ideal for the ones who want to go all white in their engagement ceremony. This cake adds the charm of being special with the wrapped golden foil on its body.

Pexels white cake with foil design

A Citrus Flavorful Cake

Are you someone who is searching for a citric flavor in your engagement cake model? This cake will give you both the taste of many flavors and the citric essence. 

The best part is this cake is one of the popular engagement cake designs in India.

Pexels single layer citrus cake for engagement

There are a lot of options to try for in your engagement cake design but what you need to take cake for is that the taste rules the entire show.

We hope to have solved your queries related to ideas for engagement cake designs. Have a sweet and sparkling engagement party with the cake that you choose.

Pexels royal white decorative cake