A Comprehensive Guide to Planning a Bengali Wedding in Kolkata

Worried about your wedding planning in Kolkata? Here are some tips on everything from venue selection to decor, to plan a grand wedding within your budget.

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Hello folks! Want a complete guide on wedding planning in Kolkata? We guess you’re at the right place. Matrimony is something that requires a lot of planning beforehand. In this blog, we’ll talk you through the easy and correct procedure of Indian wedding planning. We'll also help you partner with the best budget wedding planner in kolkata, i.e., Pomp & Show!

Every wedding has its ritual. For example, a Bengali wedding planner in Kolkata guides you on every ceremonial practice. They take care of all traditional approaches and guests as well. From DJs to buffets, their team manages everything. However, they also need to discuss everything with you before starting. What if you don’t have any idea regarding how to plan your ideal wedding? Check out this article to know more! 

tips for bengali wedding planning

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How To Plan A Bengali Traditional Wedding

1. Prepare A Budget

We know you don’t want to spend too much. Hence, plan your budget before pairing up with a wedding planner in Kolkata. It’ll save you from overspending. There are many activities to cater to. Some of them are Bengali wedding shopping, Bengali wedding rituals, Bengali wedding traditions, and so on.

If you’re unsure about how to start without fiddling, you’re always welcome to consult our experts. Check out more blogs like this on affordable Indian wedding planning. The real price might be between 10 to 30%. 

tips for bengali wedding planning

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2. Decide The Timeline For The Wedding And Reservation 

Discuss the date, time, and venue of the ceremonies with your planner. Guests should be invited or informed in advance. By this, we mean that you have to manage the coordination of multiple ceremonies and visitors.

This wedding organizer checklist will help you eliminate all unnecessary costs and stick to your budget. Also, the guests would be able to arrange their trip by making all arrangements beforehand. Make sure you start all these 3 to 6 months before the matrimony. 

tips for bengali wedding planning

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3. Selection Of Venue And Guest Accommodation 

It’s a bit tricky to select the best Kolkata wedding venues. This problem can be solved by visiting the site for weddings. Understand the locations before starting the ceremonies. You should choose a flexible area for the uninterrupted conduction of events.

  • A basic event can have 200 people involved. However, grander and larger matrimony would have around 600-700 guests. Decide if you want a hall, banquet, or any outdoor location. 
  • If you’re planning the marriage during the wedding season, check if the spot is available on your matrimonial date. You can get an additional discount if you book wedding planning in Kolkata during a particular season. 
  • Don’t forget to arrange for a proper parking space. The visitors would be coming in vehicles, such as cars, bikes, and so on. Hence, an early arrangement would reduce the tension and chaos. 
  • Hotels offer great facilities, such as wi-fi, deluxe and standard rooms, and constant food and beverage supply during wedding ceremony planning. Make sure there’s a proper arrangement of hot and cold water, breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, tea, or coffee.
tips for bengali wedding planning

4. Choose Your Preferred Invitation Style 

Now, this is something that can help you save lots of funds in an Indian wedding checklist. Opt for a more practical solution. You can print some copies of wedding cards for your close friends and relatives. However, send bulks of E-cards for a larger gathering. 

E-wedding cards are good for the environment as there’s no paper involved. It helps sustain carbon which is very mesmerizing to eco-friendly couples! You can also ask the complete wedding planner to put up your candid pictures in the E-cards. 

tips for bengali wedding planning

5. Decorative Items

Decide the themes and flowers to be involved in your Bengali wedding planning checklist. Also, you can have in mind a specific wedding theme or aesthetic. It’ll help you make decisions regarding the colors and contrasts, entertainment, cuisine, and other important things in your Bengali traditional wedding. 

Take some time to contemplate how all these will impact your family and guests. You can take up ideas from websites too. However, your theme should mirror what and how you are. It should be filled with authenticity.

6. Shopping 

Next comes affordable Bengali wedding shopping. The Bengali wedding saree, wedding outfits, jewellery, and presents make an integral part of matrimony. Thus, plan and execute all these beforehand, in parts.

You can choose online or offline platforms, depending on your requirements and preferences. Both give you wedding discounts on various items. Make sure to check these offers regularly to save a lot of money.

tips for bengali wedding planning

7. Catering Services

Start choosing the banquet halls and the kitchen services 6 months before the wedding. Remember, it’s a matter of reputation. A poor kitchen staff or food can ruin the image in front of your guests.  

Thus, select a catering company with good reviews for your wedding planning in Kolkata. The food should be delectable and there should be an ample supply of beverages too. The desserts should be pure and tasty.

tips for bengali wedding planning

8. Music And Entertainment 

A marriage ceremony is incomplete without a wedding Bengali song. It’s more like a carnival, where people gather and dance. Hence, there should be a good arrangement for DJs and other sorts of entertainment. DJ services are also provided by the entertainment packs. You can ask your wedding planner in Kolkata to provide you with all this stuff.

tips for bengali wedding planning

9. The Best Wedding Photography

Wedding photographs are the best ways to preserve the good memories of your marriage. Hence, you can opt for a wedding photographer to click on your candid moments. Make sure you arrange for this also at the earliest to avoid limited slot availability.

tips for bengali wedding planning


If you follow the above practices, nobody can stop your marriage ceremony from being a success! It’ll not only save extra costs but also make this event memorable. You won’t be able to stop yourself from remembering it over and over again! 

Your guests would be super impressed and there will be no hustle and bustle! Ready to talk to a budget wedding planner in kolkata? Connect with https://pompnshow.com/ and book your first consultation now.