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When attending a celebration or party, food is regarded as the thing that guests most anticipate. We created a list of some of the top caterers in Kolkata

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If you are planning a wedding or a corporate lunch, you will undoubtedly need the help of one of the best caterers in Kolkata to offer those delectable mouth-watering foods that will leave your guests speechless! When attending a celebration or party, food is regarded as the thing that guests most anticipate. Also, as the host, budget wedding planner in Kolkata must guarantee that the cuisine being given is of the highest quality.

As a result, the best event management company in Kolkata has created a list of some of the top caterers in Kolkata who will be useful for this:

1. Sweet-N-Sour Catering Services

Sweet-N-Sour Catering Services is a catering company based in Kolkata suggested by wedding decorators Kolkata. With a diverse customer that includes both public and private companies, Sweet-N-Sour Catering Services developed a reputation for attractive presentations and excellent services. Indians from the north Indian subcontinent, Chinese desserts from Japan, Italy, and Thailand, Goan Bengali, Gujarati, and Rajasthani cuisines are among the choices. They are capable of producing foods that taste truly classic. They provide both vegetarian and meat options. kolkata best caterers maximum capacity is 10,000, and its minimum capacity is roughly 100.

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Sweet-N-Sour Catering Services

2. Quality Caterer - Know For Their Quality

Quality Caterer is the kolkata best caterer that works hard to create food that is attractive to the eyes and tasty to the tongue! Together, they have fun doing what they do and make sure the work is of the finest quality. They are devoted to what they do. This outstanding catering company is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. The Superior Caterer staff provides both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for food. Wedding caterers in kolkata with rates provide a variety of cuisine from throughout the world, including hearty classic dishes and inventive fusion creations. For any wedding-related event, such as a formal party or a spectacular wedding reception, best caterers Kolkata is committed to offering timely, courteous service and delectable food.

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Quality Caterer

3. Asparagus Catering Unit

Asparagus Catering Unit specializes in outdoor catering and has exceptional expertise in catering weddings and other special occasions. The top caterers in Kolkata have organized events for some of the top and well-known families over the past several years and continue to do so today. One of Kolkata's catering management firms, they are renowned for offering their clients excellent services and cuisine from around the world. A relatively limited selection of dishes from different cuisines, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters, are offered by the best caterers in Kolkata at rates. Everyone loves and enjoys the cuisine because it is made with a lot of love and care. Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines are available.

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Asparagus Catering Unit

4. Calcutta Cuisine - Famous Caterer in Kolkata

Calcutta Cuisine is a catering company based in Kolkata. Their goal is to partner with their discriminating visitors to design chic, unforgettable experiences. The best Bengali caterers in Kolkata are dedicated to providing flawless service and hand-prepared meals in welcoming, classic settings, whether it is a wedding, corporate event, or another special occasion. For weddings, business gatherings, social gatherings, and other special occasions, best caterers in Kolkata provide their skills. The famous caterers in Kolkata can accommodate 50 visitors at the minimum and 1500 at the maximum. Offers include North Indian desserts. Rajasthani, Gujarati, and Bengali.

5. Orion Caterer - The Best Bengali Wedding Caterer in Kolkata

Orion Caterers, situated in Kolkata, claim that they have a heritage unmatched by most in terms of catering and hospitality. have a long history of wow clients with their culinary prowess, inventiveness, and genuine friendliness. The best Bengali wedding caterers in Kolkata has been a pioneer in providing catering for the most exclusive events in the personal as well as corporate sphere. Whether it be a warm family gathering, an expensive wedding, or a formal official blowout. Cuisines available include North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian, Lebanese, and Bengali desserts.

Orion Caterer

6. Poncho Banjon - Kolkata Best Caterer

Poncho Banjon is a catering firm that works around Kolkata. T0 ey began providing meals for marriages and other occasions. The best caterers in Kolkata for wedding amassed a large clientele of both public and private companies. They have earn a reputation for remarkable work and exquisite presentations. You may rest confident that the cuisine is made and served in clean conditions, and all prices include first-rate service, fine china, and cutlery. North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Bengali cuisines are available.

Poncho Banjon

7. Shanta's Catering - Best Caterers in South Kolkata

A wedding catering service called Shanta's Catering offers its customers a wide range of delectable foods. They can offer food for weddings and other related events. Best caterers in South Kolkata here ensure that you receive exquisite meals at all your functions. They make sure the best food to serve while using the fewest ingredients possible. They are also available to travel with you to your wedding venue if you are organising a destination wedding.

Shanta's Catering

8. Blue Plate Caterers

Blue Plate Caterers is a catering company based in Kolkata, India. Since they have been in business for fifteen years, they have catered weddings. Delighting all of their customers with delectable fare and professional services. Caterers in Kolkata can accommodate any number of people at once. They make sure that each is happy with the meal and service they receive. Their services are offered at competitive rates with specialized packages that can be altered to meet your needs. They offer a wide variety of dishes with the choice to prepare them in vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and seafood forms.

Blue Plate Caterers

These are just a few of the excellent catering choices Kolkata has to offer. Before selecting a caterer for your event, it is usually best to read reviews and ratings

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a wedding buffet cost in Kolkata?

For a wedding function, the best caterers in Kolkata typically charge between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 2500 per person.

2. Which is the oldest caterer in Kolkata?

Bijoli Grill is one of Kolkata's oldest caterers.

3. How many pieces of catering per person?

Try to serve 6-8 courses of little bite-sized meals to each person. Each course should have enough food for 1-1.5 servings per person.

4. What are catering activities?

Catering Services are services that cater/provide food service.

5. What are the functions of catering?

Caterers' primary responsibilities include preparing and serving food to guests.

6. What are the advantages of catering?

Food preparation, service, and cleanup will be handled by a catering company.

7. What is meal planning in catering?

The process of deciding what to eat for each meal, including main dishes, side dishes, and desserts, is known as menu planning.

8. What is contact catering?

Contract catering is when a company hires an independent caterer to provide daily catering services at their workplace.